Contribute to the Global Visions Report

Thank you for reading the Global Vision Report, which we hope you find informative and stimulating. We invite you to contribute to it to fill in gaps in the global survey. The following advice is offered to guide your input and to simplify future updating of the document:

  • We are interested in collecting hard facts, so please avoid adding personal opinions whenever possible.
  • No one has a complete view of the regional role of and attitudes to FS&T.  The best responses emerge when all stakeholders – from government, academics or industry – provide input for the survey. We anticipate that information from several experts will be needed to create an accurate picture of your region or country. As a result, we recommend that new inputs use the same format as the published report. 

The first task is to answer the following questions within the context of your own country or region:


About you

Current situation

The answer to this question is a touchstone for national commitment to developing the FS&T base. Without real support, discovery and innovation is not likely to occur and opportunities for the next generation will not be available. Is FS&T “called out” in national research and training or is it buried within other challenges?

Longer term and future strategies

Headings for Sections by Country

No two countries are organised in the same way with respect to government ministries, educational organisation and industrial and agricultural practices. This section is designed to give more detailed information on how your country works and to explain how change and improvement could be made. We are very aware that global issues may require local solutions.

How do governments, academia and industry meet to discuss and improve the national situation in food-chain Growth, Security Sustainability and Diet and Health? Is a global view considered? Are joint strategies prepared, are there forums for discussion, and is your local adhering body in IUFoST active in stimulating common strategies?