The Global Visions Report

The Aim: Determine the current status of food science related strategies to address societal and technological changes by regions and nation states to facilitate development of recommendations on collaboration, changes of programmes and best practices in food research technology and innovation worldwide, with a focus on post farm-gate practices to address issues of growth, security, sustainability and diet and health.

Mapping the World: Partners from around the world have provided responses to a common set of questions relating to the current situation and provided their projections of what may be needed in future. The situation country by country was assessed to identify any regional patterns in the attitudes and strategies for Food Science and Technology (FS&T), followed by a clustered analysis, conclusions and recommendations.

A Living Document: The resulting report, Global Visions for the Role of Food Science and Technology to meet Societal and Technological Challenges, is viewed as a living document. You are invited to read the report and to contribute to it with further information and insights which may be incorporated into the report on a ongoing basis.